PPP - Pastelli Pedonali Pfenninger is a child-friendly project, for their safety. "Observing what happens with the installation “Point of View” where children soon became protagonists, the idea was born to commit me to them." 
The "artist's pedestrian pastels”, 110cm-tall-coloured pencils, signal the presence of schools to motorists and safely guide the steps of young pupils entering the school. The first Italian municipality to welcome the PPPs was Bodio-Lomnago, thanks to the visionary ability of Mayor Eleonora Paolelli. The inauguration took place today, 12 September 2022, and is installed in Via Schubert. Produced by Metal Piega & Color (Stabio CH).
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"L'artista svizzera colora il primo giorno di scuola italiano"– Corriere del Ticino, 12th of September 2022
"A Bodio-Lomnago inaugurato un pedibus d'artista"– VareseNews, 12th of September 2022
"Bodio a misura di bambino: sicura e colorata"– Rete55, 12th of September 2022

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