Patrizia Pfenninger was born in Zürich in 1984. Studies and professional experiences converged since the beginning to creativity. Since 2006 with her independent agency indica, she works in design / marketing and artistic expression.
Graduated in 2003 in applied arts, in 2006 as designer in visual communication with experiences also abroad in London. After that, at the same time while working as independent, she fulfilled a Master in Interaction Design.
All these different sensibilities allow her to combine the rigor of sciences with the ability to create new worlds.
She applies these skills to commercial communications and to artistic creations, alternating creative projects for Brands, multimedia facilities and traditional works, in Switzerland and other European countries.

"syndicom rivista" - N.2 - November-December 2017 - pag 30 | Cooperazione N. 14 - 4th of April 2017 - pagg. 99-100 | Azione N. 52 - 25th of December 2017 - pag. 6