“COFFEE MOKA” coffee powder and adhesives, 2019, 132x80x125mm, 242GR.  © Photo Credit: Pfenninger
“Value 1:1"
by Diego Staphani, Curator

"(…) The artist draws on pop culture, just think of Robert Indiana, to communicate and trigger a reflection on the values ​​and the current state of society, but she does it in his own way, first of all eschewing gigantism to bring it back to a natural dimension, one by one, expanding the investigation to other sociological and anthropological levels at the same time. This first section therefore allows us to understand the source and the origin of this first group of works, that is, first and foremost, but not only, the vast field of applied arts, the artist's first field of study. (…) "
“Identity 1:1"
by Diego Staphani, Curator

"(...) It is exactly these same products, now an integral part of the daily life of most of us, to provide a description, to denote and at the same time connote our identity. Going further, these products have literally shaped our experience of the real; for example, today, an apple is no longer a fruit but a computer as much as a crocodile is not an animal but a t-shirt. The emotional persuasion of these messages, which have crept into every sphere of our actions, distracts attention from the essential and directs it towards the object of desire, the superficial.. (...)"
“Actuality 1:1"
by Elena Stoppioni, President Save The Planet Onlus
"(...) Let's tell the truth once and for all: what we really care about is saving the planetary conditions that still allow man to love, to be happy, to generate beauty."

Details of “TsuMani”, 2020
resin arms on structure, 520x210 cm 
© Photo Credit: Pfenninger
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